Increase the Value
of Every Customer

Fix Your Funnel Helps You

Generate more profit with each customer
by making one click up sells copy and paste simple

“It was super-easy to set-up and works flawlessly. I only wish I bought this thing a year ago. I truly can't say enough about it.”

- Todd Brown, E5 CAMP System

Step 1

Create Your Up Sell

Select the product and or subscription you want to offer as an up sell.

Step 2

Copy & Paste

Copy and paste the unique link for your up sell to a page on your website.

Step 3

Get More Money

Direct buyers to your new up sell page and start receiving more sales per customer!

Increase Revenue

Approximately 20% of your customers will say yes to at least one up sell...IF you give them the chance! Up sells allow your most interested customers to buy more from you according to their need. When done right, you won't annoy the other 80%. That's why I'm sending you a copy of my book.

When you start with FixYourFunnel One Click Up Sells you'll receive a copy of my book, Would You Like to Go Big? where you'll learn how to create powerful up sells that work.

How One Click Up Sells Work

Watch how up sells can dramatically increase your profit margin by adding revenue you've already paid for, but are not currently accepting.

What's The Investment?

At FixYourFunnel we want to take the risk off your shoulders, after all, you're in business, so you take on enough risk. To help you we offer a free book and set of 3 educational videos on how to craft the best up sells for your business AND a 14 day trial to our One Click Up Sell technology for only $7!

That means you can could be making enough money with up sells in your first 14 days to pay for this business changing technology all year!

FixYourFunnel One Click Up Sells is only $59/mo after your first 14 days. Check out the chart below to see how easy it is to get ROI with FixYourFunnel One Click Up Sells...

One Click Up Sell for Infusionsoft ROI Table


* Indicates how many up sells you need to make each month to pay for the investment in the service. Each sale after the number in this column would be return over investment.

Please, Quit Leaving Money on the Table...

When you get my book and the video training on up sells it will become more apparent, but you need to know that when you don't effectively offer up sells, you are leaving money on the table and unsatisfied customers in the marketplace.

As you already know, not all customers are the same. Some want more than others, but if you treat them all the same, then you are denying them the opportunity to get what THEY WANT, and they will go else where to get it.

This is a Tragedy!

Look, you're already spending the money to get the prospect to make the decision to buy from you. Giving them the opportunity to buy more from you with a click is just too simple to not do AND every cent they spend in an up sell is mostly PROFIT!

In the past there were good reasons not to offer up sells and they all centered around it being technologically difficult, but with FixYourFunnel One Click Up Sells for Infusionsoft, it is literally a no brainer to add up sells to your business.

Training AND Support

Not only do you get training with FixYourFunnel, but you also get support! Call up on the phone, chat, text message or screen share support! If you are having any trouble (which I doubt because you really just copy and paste links to make this work), you just let us know and we'll help you get set up. Plus, after 7 years of helping Infusionsoft users do one click up sells, we've seen it all. We'll help you get to results!

Start Offering Up Sells