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Nov 13 2020

The FixYourFunnel Team AND some unexpected news.

I want to give you an idea of the size of the team here at FixYourFunnel. You may have already met Jaden, Levi, and Tyson from our support team. I happen to think they are some of the best in the b...
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Jan 24 2020

Texting For Business

The most difficult part of starting anything is getting oriented to the playing field. This cheat sheet will help you quickly identify the key steps to adding texting to your business. And just in cas...
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Jan 24 2020

Anatomy of a Fix Your Funnel Automated Conversation

The most effective method to open the door to texting with prospects and customers is the Fix Your Funnel Automated Conversation. And yet there is an OK way to create automated conversations an...
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Jan 24 2020

Prospect To Appointment with Fix Your Funnel

If you want to make money in a business, you need three things: conversations, a way to keep the promises made in those conversations, and good business math. I'm going to help you have more co...
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Jan 24 2020

Improving Sales Call Connection Rate

Before you read further or download the cheat sheet or watch the walk thru video, listen to Brent (a Fix Your Funnel User), tell you about his experience using what I'm going to share with y...
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Jan 23 2020

All Sales Happen In Conversation

It's a bold statement. But the fact is that the quickest way to grow a business is to have more conversations with prospects! Do you know the easiest way to have conversations with your prospects? In ...
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Jan 23 2020

Do Not Sell By Text Message

Trying to sell in a text message is as smart as using your phone while driving.Maybe you do it, but you have to know at some level it's dangerous.The truth is you can't effectively sell in 160 charact...
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Jan 23 2020

Opening the Door to Texting

Before you can text, you have to open the door to texting in the mind of your contacts. ...
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Jan 23 2020

Broadcasting Best Practices

Almost everyone that starts using texting wants to send broadcasts. But did you know that telecoms hate broadcasts and are doing super shady things to prevent folks from sending them with their busine...
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Nov 14 2019

The Fundamentals of Marketing Part 1

The Training Transcription One of the things that I've witnessed over my 12 years or so working with marketing automation is that the real problem with marketing automation is if you don't know how ...
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Oct 01 2019

Cost vs. Investment: A Fundamental of Good Business

The other day Jared, our salesman, had a question about how to address the situation where a person is excited about texting until they hear the price. I have to admit in private I have some serious k...
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Aug 16 2019

Secrets to Effective Texting with Marketing Automation

Also feel free to ask questions below about the training and we will get you answers! August 13, 2019 ...